Major League Soccer

I was an essential part of the Major League Soccer campaigns in both English and Spanish for the 2017 and 2016 seasons. Not only did I write scripts for the English "Stand As One" campaign, I was also part of the team that created an in-line campaign called "Juntos."


Anthem 2017 Season

I was part of the writing team for the 2017 season anthem for MLS, "MLS is Back." The spot has aired on national TV and cable sports networks such as Fox Sports, ESPN, Univisión, and Unimás.


Tune Ins – 2017 Season

I created the format for the tune ins that aired on Fox Sports and ESPN during the 2017 MLS season. I also wrote the copy for most of the match-ups.


Anthem – 2016 Season 

I was part of the writing team that developed the MLS Stand As One campaign, and provided various insights into soccer fans and the Latino market that made the campaign a success.